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Winter School: Digitizing the Materiality of the Premodern Book (23. -26. November 2022)

Dienstag, 08.11.2022

A cooperation between Centre for Information Modelling, University of Graz Library's Special Collections and the Vestigia Manuscript Research Centre.

The foundational skills at the intersection of digitization, bibliography, and the Digital Humanities are crucial for many scholars, yet instruction frequently only covers one maybe two of these intersecting aspects. For example, use of the Text Encoding Initiative XML standard is increasingly the norm in digital scholarly editing, but many individuals working with textual materials do not have access to relevant scholarly training in DH. Conversely, many DH departments, lack rare book specialists. The goal of this workshop is to create one succinct class where students will learn the necessary skills for understanding how the materiality of pre-modern books can be digitized and provide a foundation for putting those skills into practice. After attending this workshop, students will understand the fundamentals of digitization and how books and manuscripts are described in the TEI, including the msdescription and transcription modules.

STAFF (in alphabetical order)

  • Mag. Pia FIEDLER is a librarian in the Uni Graz Digitization Lab & PhD student at Vestigia Manuscript Research Centre.
  • Dr. Sarah LANG is an expert in digital edition & conducts public-facing DH education on the LATEX Ninja blog.
  • Oberrat Karl LENGER, MA heads the University of Graz’s digitization lab.
  • Dr. Megan PIORKO is a historian of the book & was named the Pantzer New Scholar of the Bibliographical Society of America in 2019.
  • Elisabeth Raunig, BA. MA
  • Univ.-Prof. Dr. Erich RENHART is Director of Special Collections at the University of Graz Library & a Syriac manuscript scholar.
  • Dr. Sean M. WINSLOW is a medieval manuscripts & heritage imaging expert with experience developing TEI catalogs of manuscript materials.

Parts of this workshop will be filmed for the purpose of creating educational videos (which will be shared as Open Educational Resources in the future). Participants will be required to fill out a data consent form to participate.

This project is funded by CLARIAH-AT with the support of BMBWF.


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