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21. Juni 2021, ab 13:00 Uhr (CET): 3. Teilkonferenz - Afrika & Europa

Montag, 21.06.2021

Das ZIM hostet die 3. Teilkonferenz (Afrika & Europa) der Konferenzreihe The Past, Present, and Future of Digital Medieval Studies – A Global Digital Medievalist Symposium.

Die Konferenz wird organisiert vom Vorstand des Digital Medievalist.

For medievalists worldwide, digital media has fundamentally changed the way how we access our sources and work with them: digital editing, digital imaging, databases, text mining and visualisation are but some keywords that have gained relevance over the last decades and have influenced and inspired new research directions in the field. Other methodologies, such as Linked Open Data and Machine Learning, are emerging as key approaches for current and future research, driven by the huge amount of digital research data that is being produced by hundreds of medieval research projects every year.
This conference is dedicated to reflecting on the past, present and future of medieval studies and its transformation thanks to these methodologies. When we think about the future, we should also be conscious of areas in medieval studies that have been underexplored and underappreciated by the field at large. Using a visionary perspective, the first panel will discuss developments in how medieval source data are represented, analysed and interpreted. The second panel focuses on Linked Open Data and its application to medieval studies. The final panel brings together scholars working with textual and material data from various manuscript traditions and cultures to discuss how DH methodologies impact on their research.
Organized by Roman Bleier, Hannah Busch, Els De Paermentier, Tessa Gengnagel, and Daniela Schulz.

Zur Konferenzseite und Registrierung: digitalmedievalist.wordpress.com/the-past-present-and-future-of-digital-medieval-studies-a-global-digital-medievalist-symposium/

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